Structured Literacy and Maths Approach

Best Start Literacy Approach (BSLA)

This approach has been developed in New Zealand by a team of experienced researchers from the University of Cantebury, following years of research on the best ways to support children’s early reading and writing and oral language success.

The BSLA aims to enhance the early reading, writing and oral language skills of all children. The Ministry of Education is supporting this approach for implementation in Year 1 & 2 classes throughout the country.

In class, we will:

  • Share story books that will help grow the number of new and interesting words that your child can use and understand when talking.
  • Playing games that develop your child’s phonological awareness – or their awareness of the sounds within words.

We are also making some changes, in the kinds of books coming home in your child’s book bag. The BSLA usues carefully chosen texts to provide;

  • Opportunities to practice reading.
  • The words in the books are closely related to the letters and sounds we are teaching in class.
  • Opportunties to practice sounding out words made from letter and sounds that they know or are learning – building confidence and skills as readers.

There are Ready to Read books to help your child learn to read, and these will be used differently than the early reading books sent home in the past.

Structured Maths Approach

The Structured Maths Approach is a structured maths scope and sequence for teachers and students in Year 0-3. This is designed by an experience New Zealand Teacher.

A structured scope and sequence serves as the backbone of effective teaching and learning. It provides teachers with a clear roadmap, ensuring that each concept builds upon the foundation laid before it. By carefully sequencing mathematical topics and activities, we empower our young learners to gradually develop their skills and confidence. With a well-organised structure, teachers can create a supportive learning environment that allows students to thrive, leading to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

In class, we will;

  • Continue to focus on Number, Knowledge, Strategy and the different strands of maths that we have always done.
  • Basic Facts knowledge revision daily
  • Number formation, idenification, etc.
  • Follow the scope and sequence of I do, We do and You do.

This approach allows your child to make sure no gaps are left in their learning and that understanding of concepts is fully made.

We will continue to use hands on equipment and resources we have in the school, however, the teaching will be much more specific.