Extra-curricular Activities


The Marist Catholic School Choir participate each year in a festival, either Kids For Kids Festival or In Our Beat.  They also get opportunities throughout the year to perform at assemblies or local community  events.

Sacramental Programme 

Our Sacramental programme is run by Father Rory and his team at Sacred Heart Parish, Vermont Street. It takes place after Sunday mass and takes our students on a journey through the Catholic faith. The programme (which has limited places) is open to students aged 9-plus who are already baptised but looking to celebrate the Sacraments.

Music Education Centre

We understand families lead busy lives. Marist Catholic School, Herne Bay works alongside Lewis Eady so children can learn an instrument with group or individual lessons during school hours. There are many musical options to choose from including guitar, piano, ukulele, strings and brass.

Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing is a group of students from Year 1-6 who learn and perform irish dancing. They perform each year on St Patrick’s day and any school events that occur.  They are trained by Katherine Kelly each week.

Art Classes

These workshops held after school hours provide opportunities to make art, teach and encourage a creative approach that can be taken and applied to every aspect of a student’s life. For more information visit: www.creativematters.co.nz/after-school-art-classes

Gardening Club

This is a group for students from across the school to nurture our school gardens as well as our school orchard.  They learn about planting, sustainability through nature as well as the importance of God’s creatures who help our environment.


Kapahaka is a group of students from Year 2-6 who perform throughout the year at any school events that occur.  They are trained each week by an experienced facilitator.

Sports Teams:

Our sports teams are continuous throughtout the year and across the school.  We participate in many of the Inner-City Zone competitions as well as other events that occur, e.g. Netball, Basketball and Touch.

Soccer Clinic:

This is a programme run before school each week with Billy Harris.  It is open for students from across the school supporting students to work on their soccer skills.

Extention Programmes:

  • Kids Lit Quiz = Teams entered to participate in this across school, international competition
  • EPro8 Challenge = Focused on problem solving and engineering skills.  Students participate in a within school competition and then teams are entered into the inter-school comp. 
  • National Young Leaders Conference = Students attend this conference to hear inspiring speakers and build their understanding what leadership is.